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For the first time in a decade the army will not seal off the Palestinian territories during Pesach.

The move is especially dangerous because there was no closure on Purim either, so the terrorists have had ample time to prepare. The move is also unwarranted—if the Palestinians want independence, we have every right to seal off their territory.

Palestinian terrorists traditionally seek to perpetrate large-scale terrorist attacks during Jewish holidays.

From March 15–19 the US, France, and UK had fleets lined up on both sides of the Strait of Hormuz to discourage the Iranians from hindering traffic. While the Iranians had been doing some saber rattling, it was nothing more than that. The US kept an AWACS plane in position at all times to monitor air traffic over northeastern Iraq. We doubt that Jordan was a concern. Orders were given to monitors that operations was to be notified at once of any unusual air traffic east of Baghdad. This action’s real purpose seems to have been to discourage Israel from taking action against Iran.

Uzi LandauThe Minister of Energy, Uzi Landau, has joined the roster of Israeli officials making public plans to sell gas from fields that are not even operational yet. But Uzi excelled his fellow bureaucrats by demanding to export the gas first to Palestine and Jordan. In his money-driven mind, that would build ties between our countries.

Would it? Why, then, does Hamas want none of our electricity? And why, after selling us gas for many years, is Egypt more hostile than before?

Landau must be motivated by the example of Barak, who abandoned offshore gas fields to Gaza, also to build ties with Arafat.

Post-Zionist leaders cannot accept a simple fact: God gave us the gas to enable us to become independent, not to sell it to our enemies and return to economic serfdom after the resource runs out.

During the Land Day riots, the Arabs threw rocks and firebombs at Israeli border units. Some clashes naturally occurred, with the IDF limiting itself to non-lethal weapons. That was routine.

Now the interesting part. Jews took protesters who had been injured near border crossings and checkpoints into Israeli hospitals, even though the rioters were technically in the Palestinian zone. As Rabbi Kahane used to say, Jewish guilt is like cancer; now we feel guilty for stopping the rioters.

A few days ago, PIJ terrorist Shalabi launched a hunger strike to protest her detention.

Instead of allowing her to starve as she wishes, the government agreed to deport her to Gaza.

What will we do when thousands of jailed terrorists follow her example and start hunger strikes?