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Ayatollah Khamenei instructed his naval chiefs to present him with plans for attacking Israel. What is noteworthy is that the plans must be submitted before the end of next week.

The rumor in Iran has it that the naval planners are considering joining a Russian flotilla, breaking from it briefly to attack Israeli vessels, and then quickly retreating to the safety of the Russian convoy.

The attack plan is meant to vindicate Khamenei’s claim that Iran does not need nuclear weapons to fight Israel.

That may be yet another Iranian plan that is never put into action.

Iranian war ship

Concerns about Iranian warships visiting the Jeddah Port were answered by a Saudi Defense press release stating, “We also wanted to maintain friendly relations with other countries upholding the principle of good intentions, and strengthen our relations with them on the basis of mutual respect and confidence.” Not a reassuring way to address US concerns.

It looks like the Saudi Heritage Festival, Janadriyah, will have two guest countries next year. One will be Arab and the other a friendly outside country. Iran is poised to receive this honor, but the matter has not been officially decided yet.

The conflict in Tunis was over the Saudi desire to form an Arab Peacekeeping Force to be used in Syria. The conflict arose when the Saudis suggested something along the lines of what the African Union has been trying to form. This would create a semi-permanent force—under Saudi guidance of course.

The US is against this, as it would encourage the type of situation that exists in Bahrain, where Saudi forces are being used to quiet the Arab Spring movement.

The White House claims it refuses to arm Syrian rebels because the weapons might fall into the hands of extremists there.

If the extremists play such an important role, why support the anti-Assad movement at all? Why not supply the extremists with reasonable quantities of weaponry, which is not very advanced compared to Hezbollah’s and Hamas’ stockpiles? Who, if not the US, airlifted Al Qaeda-linked rebels from Libya to Syria via Turkey?

In reality, the US refuses to arm Syrian rebels because it wants to check Saudi influence in the region, and to preserve Assad as a conduit to Tehran.

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