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Free and fearless in our land, we Jews have built yet another set of fortifications, this time on Route 12 in the Negev. The road was closed for half a year following an Egyptian terrorist attack.

Instead of eradicating terrorists in the Sinai, the government hides its head behind a new wall.

Almost three years ago, we wrote about the government’s plans to ward off Arab vandals from the oldest Jewish cemetery at the Mount of Olives. Israeli police, so eager to investigate trivial incidents such as the alleged ‘price tag’ graffiti on Arab objects, completely ignore massive vandalism at the 3,000-year-old Jewish cemetery.

Now the situation has been discussed in the Knesset, also to no effect.

Jewish cemetery at the Mount of Olives

Ahmad TibiIsraeli Arab MKs Tibi and as-Sana attended an anti-Israeli conference in Qatar. Both decried the Israeli ‘occupation’ of our capital and repeated lies about religious persecution of Muslims and Christians.

Two Arab clowns in the Knesset aren’t a problem. The problem is that they represent their Arab constituencies, which means that a fifth of Israel’s population holds similar Judophobic views.

Histadrut blocked the Open Skies agreement with the EU, which would have opened Israel to competition from low-cost European air carriers, reduced airfares, and encouraged tourism.

February 2012
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