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Alejandro De BenosThe UAE, Qatar, and Oman, America’s close allies in the Middle East, have signed a $2 billion deal to buy electric power from Iran.

The Iranian Health Minister is visiting Egypt. Apparently a low-key meeting is actually very different from what it seems, because the Health Ministry is the Muslim Brotherhood’s bread and butter, charity having been its core activity for decades. Thus we can see that the Brotherhood has succeeded in building bridges to Iran through the Salafists, and they are now cooperating in a sensitive area.

There are reports of Saudi royals using Iranian support to prop up their positions in Riyadh’s power hierarchy.

Rumour has it that Alejandro De Benos, the North Korean Special Envoy, leaked out through a member of the KFA that new leader Kim Jong-um has authorized technicians working in Iran to use the Khan Network to obtain needed parts—at Iranian expense of course. He was also rumoured to have said that Western projections about Iranian intercontinental ballistic missiles are very wrong. It seems they have everything in place but the construction method, which they are getting help with. De Benos handles a lot of work for North Korea, and supplies information and heavy industrial spying through the KFA.

So much for the sanctions.

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