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Supreme court buildingIn a truly scandalous ruling, the High Court rejected a petition to strike down the Gaza amnesty law, which pardoned most disengagement protestors. The problem with that ruling is that all Jewish justices voted in favor of the amnesty while the Arab justices voted against it.

The only conceivable reason for an Arab judge to vote against the amnesty law is that he views the settlers from a purely Arab perspective, and so supports the most extreme punishments for them, including criminal charges for merely voicing opposition to disengagement.

The US refused to grant a visa to Ben Ari, an MK who belonged to Kach a long time ago. At the same time, Palestinian members of Fatah and the PLO have no difficulty obtaining US visas.

Gone are the centuries when Jews were a people of the Book. According to the Gallup poll, only 17 percent of American Jews are observant, compared to about half of all Protestants and Muslims. Admittedly, it’s much simpler to be a believer in Christianity or Islam, both of which lack the rigorous regulations of Judaism.

At the same time, about 70 percent of Jews consider themselves well-off, the highest rate among religious groups in the United States.

American Jews, the people of the checkbook

February 2012
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