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As has happened before, a few hundred Israelis will vote in the upcoming Russian presidential elections.

It bears noting that Russia is essentially our enemy, the main sponsor of Iran and Syria. There is no practical difference between Israelis voting in Iranian or Russian elections.

Israelis vote in Russia's Parliamentary elections

Livni and NetanyahuThe PA blasted its Israeli colleagues for disclosing the details of the Amman talks. The leaks indicate that Netanyahu’s offer on borders was similar to the one Livni passed to the Palestinians at Annapolis.

Though the similarity between Bibi’s and Tzipi’s positions is abominable, in reality they should indeed be expected to offer similar borders, their only difference from Olmert’s position being the Temple Mount.

The question is, why were the Palestinians angry about the leak? They refused the deal in 2007, so it only makes sense for them to say that they refused it again this time. One possible explanation is that by leaking the info, Netanyahu pulled the chair out from under Livni, who is being groomed by the Americans and Palestinians alike into a dove for the next elections.

A fresh batch of data from the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics: the average Jewish family comprises 3.5 people vs 4.9 among Arabs; 35% of Arab families vs 10% of Jewish families have six or more children, Jewish families average 2.3 children vs 2.9 among Arabs.

A year ago two drunken teens in Jerusalem beat an elderly Jew with wooden planks for refusing them a cigarette. Their brutal actions were properly recorded on street CCTV cameras.

The court merely convicted them of “death by negligence,” despite the fact that they were very careful and deliberate about murdering their victim. The maximum sentence for “death by negligence” is three years, and they can realistically be expected to serve two years or less.

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