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Religious soldiers in Israeli armyAs was widely expected, the Supreme Court struck down the Tal Law, which provided incentives for yeshiva students to join the army. The court deemed the preferences unconstitutional, despite the fact that they are far narrower than those provided to Arabs, who do not serve in the army at all. The court also ignored widespread draft-dodging among leftists, which in effect is no different from the reluctance of religious Jews to join the army.

All non-religious parties welcomed the ruling while blasting the Haredim. Livni declared that religious Jews ‘harm the public.’ Oh yes, they have been harming the Jewish public for two thousand years.

Instead of adopting a confrontational posture toward a major part of Israeli society, the government will come up with a slightly different law. The new law will solve nothing, as the real problem is the army’s anti-Jewish character. Should the IDF operate in accordance with basic values of Judaism, the Haredim would be much more willing to join it. But the army deliberately institutes anti-religious policies to keep the motivated Haredim out of its ranks, lest they interfere with the leftist brainwashing of other soldiers.

The White House reiterated its refusal to call the Syrian situation a civil war, which it undoubtedly is. Their problem is that taking sides in the complex environment of civil war would look unreasonable, while supporting a popular insurrection against a tyrant is palatable.

Reportedly, the US has not yet intervened in Syria directly because of the absence of anything resembling a united opposition there. Deposing Assad now would certainly lead to Arabs butchering one another and looting Assad’s arsenals.

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