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A mere few thousand Israeli Arabs demonstrated in Kfar Kanna against Assad.

Tibi and other Arab MKs have not yet called on Assad to step down. They cannot side with Jews against the man who has supported them and other Arab MKs for two decades.

Demonstration in Kfar Kanna

About a hundred Arabs threw rocks at police and tourists at the Temple Mount. They were not throwing rocks at common Jews, of course, because Jews have been practically banned from our holiest place under Israel’s agreement with the Muslims.

Police arrested only three Arabs. They will serve no more than six months in jail, if they are even charged at all. This of course will soon encourage their compatriots to riot again.

There were no condemnations from the UN this week when Hamas deliberately kept its population in darkness by refusing the Egyptian offer to transfer diesel for the Gaza power station through an Israeli land crossing.

The UN’s OCHA chief in Gaza inadvertently snubbed Israel when explaining the fuel balance in Gaza. According to his version, which sounds true, Gazans phased out the Israeli supply of diesel fuel by smuggling diesel from Egypt (presumably running cross-border pipes). Even with all the significant expenses of smuggling, the Egyptian fuel cost much less than legitimate supplies from Israel.

This is something of concern to Israeli consumers.

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