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Nasrallah has denied his organization’s involvement in the embassy attacks. Though the denial was expected in any case, his reasoning is entirely logical: reprisals are always designed to result in mass casualties, not directed against insignificant individuals.

As everyone expected, Israel signed a $1 billion deal to purchase training jets from Italy rather than South Korea, even though Korean terms were somewhat more favorable.

Under the deal, a private Israeli company will buy the jets, and the IAF will be renting them – a highly unusual agreement in the military practice of any country, though certainly interesting as we’ve been arguing for the privatization of military services.

It was outright silly that, for political reasons, Italy was chosen rather than South Korea, one of the world’s top arms importers. Besides, what good is Italian political goodwill if that country would follow US orders in any case?

Obama in EgyptThe Muslim Brotherhood has vowed to renounce the Camp David peace treaty if the White House refuses to give it $1.3 billion in annual aid.

Israel must have the guts to agree. Continuing the US aid to Egypt, which is critical to that country’s economy and allows it to maintain a significant army, is clearly counterproductive now that the MB has taken power and the question of war with Israel turns from “if” to “when and how.” Besides, the peace treaty itself is now counterproductive, because we need the freedom to operate against the Muslims in Sinai.

The Saudis have published a curious statistic: 60% of new marriages dissolve within the first year.

That very much looks like the young Arabs in that ultra-conservative country are finding a way to have sex without clerical punishment.

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