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Gaza power station experienced a brief shutdown after the Egyptians closed the border in retaliation for Hamas’ continued terrorist and criminal activities in the Sinai. But wait—officially, diesel fuel was not supposed to enter Gaza from the Egyptian side in the first place.

For about a year Egypt has been phasing out Israeli shipments of diesel fuel into Gaza. But thousands of tons of diesel cannot be smuggled through tunnels in canisters. That shows that, contrary to Egyptian assurances, the bulk of smuggled goods goes overland in trucks rather than through tunnels.

And so the blockade is meaningless, and negative PR for Israel is its only effect.

Tunnel in Gaza

Prime Minister Stephen Harper openly complained in a cabinet meeting that the US State Department was leaning on Canada in its upcoming negotiations with Israel to discourage a preemptive strike by Israel on Iranian nuclear facilities. He also felt that there was no way in hell the US would attack Iran’s nuclear facilities on its own, and that Obama was prepared to have a nuclear Iran. This might explain why Harper is trying to lead Canada into its own strong relationship with Israel without undue American influence, and why we see very little in Canadian media about the frequent visits to Israel by Canadian cabinet ministers over the last three months.

Stephen Harper

Leftists know no limits to their anti-religious obscenity. No one less than the mayor of Tel Aviv—many of whose constituents are religious Jews—voiced support for public transportation, not just on Shabbat, but even on religious holidays.

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