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At a time when civilized countries are liberalizing their vice laws or outright legalizing prostitution, Israel is cracking down on this harmless consensual activity. A new bill allows clients to be prosecuted instead of providers, which is an unreasonably harsh measure employed by only a handful of democratic countries. The bill also presumes modern-day Israelis to be more ethical than our forefather Judah, who took Tamar for a prostitute.

Opponents of prostitution tell all kinds of horror stories about that profession, but the reality is that the vast majority of prostitutes choose their jobs willingly as a much more profitable form of employment than any other available to them. Instead of targeting the criminal element in prostitution—notably illegal immigration and coercion—the government once again went along with leftists and moralists to prohibit that activity altogether.

But who has studied the effect on rape of eradicating prostitution?

HolylandThe Holyland case which brought to the bench two Jerusalem mayors, Olmert and Lupolyanski, curiously demonstrates that corruption is virtually non-existent in Israel.

The contractor built a mammoth 3.5 mln sq ft housing project which severely affected the Jerusalem skyline, yet he is accused of bribing Olmert, who was mayor of Jerusalem at the time, for only few hundred thousand shekels. His successor, Lupolyanski, got no bribe at all: the contractor paid two million shekels into his highly reputable Yad Sarah charity.

Another strike: railway workers protest the outsourcing of maintenance services.

Such demands cross the line into racketeering: the trade-unionists not only demand better working conditions for themselves, but threaten sanctions if the job is given to others.

Afghan police captured two unusual shahids, ten-year-olds with explosive belts. To a somewhat lesser degree, this is also a problem in Israel, where underage Arabs perpetrate deadly attacks on Israeli cars with rocks and firebombs.

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