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Al Qaeda released a statement supporting the insurrection in Syria to overthrow Assad and urging all Muslims to come to the rebels’ aid.

Al Qaeda likewise supported the insurrections against Mubarak and Qaddafi, in accord with its long-held view that pro-Western Arab rulers are apostates.

The major terrorist acts against government installations in Syria, initially attributed to Free Syrian Army, came out as Al Qaeda attacks.

Under the government’s agreement with Histadrut, contract laborers won’t get much of a pay increase—their minimum wage was only increased by about 10%, and most of them earn more than that anyway. Some 70,000 cleaners and guards will get subsidized meals and minor perks like that.

So why the fuss? Because by including government agencies’ contract employees in trade union agreements, Histadrut adds close to a hundred thousand workers and their families to its power base.

Netanyahu praised the agreement as ‘just,’ though of course it is not; it merely reflects Histadrut’s monopolistic bargaining power.

Students of the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya have launched a small campaign to stop the deportation of their African classmates.

The Internal Ministry’s decision to expel them along with all the other Sudanese is clearly mistaken because we need educated Africans on Israel’s side, but the real issue is different. How come these illegals are able to openly enroll in a university, and an expensive one at that?

Interdisciplinary Center

February 2012
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