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Responding to petitioning from US citizens whose family members had fallen victim to Palestinian terrorists released in the Shalit affair, the US Attorney General insisted that his government intends to bring them to justice, and that in any case the American embassy urged the Israeli government not to release the perpetrators.

While all that is true, the United States has never prosecuted even one Palestinian terrorist for murdering US citizens in Israel.

Ilana DayanThe Supreme Court has acquitted journalist Ilana Dayan of libel. Seven years ago Channel 2 aired her program accusing an IDF captain of intentionally killing a thirteen-year-old Arab girl. The girl, mind you, approached the military installation at a time when suicide bombings were common.

The journalist was acquitted because she had reasonable evidence to support her accusations. To support that, the court pointed out that the officer was was under indictment at the time on similar charges. But that’s a chicken-and-egg question! He was indicted specifically because of media hysteria, and later acquitted.

Now leftist journalists have learned that they are safe from prosecution for libel as long as they can push law enforcement to investigate their allegations. And so they will become ever more aggressive in pressing their false accusations against soldiers.

Meir Dagan has launched a political movement, “There is a chance,” which calls for structural changes in the electoral system. Dagan wants to raise the election barrier from 2 to 3%, thus effectively barring settler parties from the Knesset. He would also like the head of the largest party to automatically become the prime minister—which makes coalitions unnecessary and leaves religious parties powerless.

Since settlers and religious parties support all socialist and militaristic decisions of the government, the only conceivable reason for such restructuring is to sign a peace treaty with the Palestinians, which means making problematic concessions such as destroying the settlements and abandoning the Temple Mount.

And it seems that foreign forces are grooming Dagan to become just such a leader.

Meir Dagan

February 2012
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