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Feiglin supporters dispute the official figure of 23.21% in the Likud primaries, which is a tad lower than 23.4% he won in the previous primaries.

Though vote rigging is a time-honored tradition in Israel, one that has been widely employed for decades, Feiglin’s figure is actually very good. Traditionally, a losing candidate loses his support in subsequent elections. Thus, Moshe’s electoral support should be expected to have declined significantly—people do not like to vote for assured losers. The fact that his support has remained stable, and perhaps even increased, is a good indication of his progress in Likud.

On the other hand, the results are also skewed against Netanyahu, whose supporters, certain that he is going to win by a large margin, did not bother to show up at polling stations.

Netanyahu and Feiglin

During its drawn-out labor dispute with Health Ministry doctors, the government claimed that many of them really get paid at state hospitals while working in private clinics. So the doctors agreed to register at work so that their working hours would be verifiable.

When the system was launched yesterday, a full 40  percent of doctors refused to use it. They chose to forgo overtime payments in order to hide the time they spend away from their hospitals.

Muslim Brotherhood in EgyptAn Egyptian delegation is in talks with US congressmen over a fateful decision: will the United States continue its $1.3 billion annual aid to Egypt after the country falls to the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists in democratic elections?

The aid is theoretically non-military, but everyone understands that it allows the Egyptian government to transfer a similar amount to the army. Indeed, the Egyptian delegation is formed mostly of army officials.

On one hand, the US cannot refuse Egypt the aid it needs without greatly alienating the country. On the other hand, the aid would now clearly be used to bolster the armed forces of a radical Muslim state. Even the Iranian parliament now has more secular members than its Egyptian counterpart.

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