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The Transportation Ministry announced a 500 million-shekel investment in East Jerusalem, largely in the Arab-settled areas, which would clearly belong to Palestine in any peace agreement.

On the positive side, the Arabs would hardly let us built them roads. Rioting, stone-throwing, and similar incidents would deter contractors.

Alejandro De BenosThe UAE, Qatar, and Oman, America’s close allies in the Middle East, have signed a $2 billion deal to buy electric power from Iran.

The Iranian Health Minister is visiting Egypt. Apparently a low-key meeting is actually very different from what it seems, because the Health Ministry is the Muslim Brotherhood’s bread and butter, charity having been its core activity for decades. Thus we can see that the Brotherhood has succeeded in building bridges to Iran through the Salafists, and they are now cooperating in a sensitive area.

There are reports of Saudi royals using Iranian support to prop up their positions in Riyadh’s power hierarchy.

Rumour has it that Alejandro De Benos, the North Korean Special Envoy, leaked out through a member of the KFA that new leader Kim Jong-um has authorized technicians working in Iran to use the Khan Network to obtain needed parts—at Iranian expense of course. He was also rumoured to have said that Western projections about Iranian intercontinental ballistic missiles are very wrong. It seems they have everything in place but the construction method, which they are getting help with. De Benos handles a lot of work for North Korea, and supplies information and heavy industrial spying through the KFA.

So much for the sanctions.

Free and fearless in our land, we Jews have built yet another set of fortifications, this time on Route 12 in the Negev. The road was closed for half a year following an Egyptian terrorist attack.

Instead of eradicating terrorists in the Sinai, the government hides its head behind a new wall.

Almost three years ago, we wrote about the government’s plans to ward off Arab vandals from the oldest Jewish cemetery at the Mount of Olives. Israeli police, so eager to investigate trivial incidents such as the alleged ‘price tag’ graffiti on Arab objects, completely ignore massive vandalism at the 3,000-year-old Jewish cemetery.

Now the situation has been discussed in the Knesset, also to no effect.

Jewish cemetery at the Mount of Olives

Ahmad TibiIsraeli Arab MKs Tibi and as-Sana attended an anti-Israeli conference in Qatar. Both decried the Israeli ‘occupation’ of our capital and repeated lies about religious persecution of Muslims and Christians.

Two Arab clowns in the Knesset aren’t a problem. The problem is that they represent their Arab constituencies, which means that a fifth of Israel’s population holds similar Judophobic views.

Histadrut blocked the Open Skies agreement with the EU, which would have opened Israel to competition from low-cost European air carriers, reduced airfares, and encouraged tourism.

SinaiLast week, an Arab tried to cross into Israel with a large IED. Upon being discovered, he abandoned the bomb and fled into the Sinai. Because of the peace treaty with Egypt, the IDF did not pursue him, so we knew nothing about the plan.

This week, another, similar bomb was intercepted. That indicates that the Arabs insist on a major terrorist attack in southern Israel. No doubt there will be more of these attempts.

Israel refuses to hunt terrorists in the Sinai because of the Camp David treaty, which Egypt violates often by allowing the de facto militarization of the Sinai by militias and using the peninsula as launching pad for anti-Israeli activity.

Ayatollah Khamenei instructed his naval chiefs to present him with plans for attacking Israel. What is noteworthy is that the plans must be submitted before the end of next week.

The rumor in Iran has it that the naval planners are considering joining a Russian flotilla, breaking from it briefly to attack Israeli vessels, and then quickly retreating to the safety of the Russian convoy.

The attack plan is meant to vindicate Khamenei’s claim that Iran does not need nuclear weapons to fight Israel.

That may be yet another Iranian plan that is never put into action.

Iranian war ship

Concerns about Iranian warships visiting the Jeddah Port were answered by a Saudi Defense press release stating, “We also wanted to maintain friendly relations with other countries upholding the principle of good intentions, and strengthen our relations with them on the basis of mutual respect and confidence.” Not a reassuring way to address US concerns.

It looks like the Saudi Heritage Festival, Janadriyah, will have two guest countries next year. One will be Arab and the other a friendly outside country. Iran is poised to receive this honor, but the matter has not been officially decided yet.

The conflict in Tunis was over the Saudi desire to form an Arab Peacekeeping Force to be used in Syria. The conflict arose when the Saudis suggested something along the lines of what the African Union has been trying to form. This would create a semi-permanent force—under Saudi guidance of course.

The US is against this, as it would encourage the type of situation that exists in Bahrain, where Saudi forces are being used to quiet the Arab Spring movement.

The White House claims it refuses to arm Syrian rebels because the weapons might fall into the hands of extremists there.

If the extremists play such an important role, why support the anti-Assad movement at all? Why not supply the extremists with reasonable quantities of weaponry, which is not very advanced compared to Hezbollah’s and Hamas’ stockpiles? Who, if not the US, airlifted Al Qaeda-linked rebels from Libya to Syria via Turkey?

In reality, the US refuses to arm Syrian rebels because it wants to check Saudi influence in the region, and to preserve Assad as a conduit to Tehran.

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