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Lacking real enemies our government is willing to fight, the army was once again directed against Jewish civilians. Nine people were treated after inhaling tear gas and being struck by electric shockers during the military’s attack on a Jewish hamlet near Mitzpe Jericho village, an ‘illegal outpost.’

In the middle of the night, brave IDF fighters including the elite Border Police unit fell upon the hamlet’s residents and evicted them all, including babies, while severely damaging their homes.

In the middle of the day, while the rest of the population worked, a couple of thousand Ethiopians protested discrimination.

They did not make known the exact nature of the discrimination, but apparently they want more money. Three decades ago they were declared adherents to Judaism, having practiced a vaguely similar religion for centuries without being ethnically Jewish. They were brought to Israel, where the government naturally settled them in compact communities—mainly because of their huge cultural, educational, and generally developmental distinction from the rest of the population. The subsequent decades have seen no integration of Ethiopians into Israeli society, but it would be a mistake to attribute their distinctive character to government policies; rather, a Bronze Age population cannot be integrated into modern society in a single generation.

Shiites in IranA small piece of news was virtually lost in the feeds despite its major significance. During the Ashura religious event, Hamas police cracked down on Gaza’s small Shiite community, which had assembled for prayer. Later, the Gazan Foreign Ministry issued a statement that Shia have no place in the Strip, which is a Sunni country.

Hamas, remember, is vitally dependent on Iran, which is a Shiite country. Iran is known for fostering Shiite movements even in Africa, and certainly in the Middle East. Iranian political expansion is usually related to the ayatollahs’ goal of spreading their version of Islam.

The fact that Hamas can suppress Shiites and then boast of it shows that Iranian imperial ambitions are not directed toward religious ends. Because the Iranians pursue rational political goals, they would not consider apocalyptic solutions, and can be checked.

January 2012
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