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The government reports record low unemployment of 5%. A figure so low would be surprising with the global economy in shambles, and at a time when Israeli banks have reduced lending. So we should suspect a trick there.

One possible explanation is the mammoth number of state and trade-unionized employees in Israel, who enjoy protection against layoffs regardless of their economic efficiency. But the figure of 5% simply cannot cover the Arabs (especially the overwhelmingly unemployed Bedouins) and haredim (who are actually employed in the black market economy).

Revised peace treaty worse than warEgypt’s leading presidential candidate, Amr Moussa, has vowed to modify the Camp David accords so as to allow Egyptian troops to be deployed in the Sinai and prevent Israel from buying gas from El Arish at whatever price.

We’ve been saying for years that such a move was inevitable, and we predicted that the West would do nothing, just as it did when Germany re-militarized the Rhineland, because it’s a nation’s right to set its troops anywhere on its territory.

Allowing the Re-militarization of the Sinai under the peace treaty is worse than denouncing the peace treaty altogether. In the absence of peace, Israel can strike Egyptian army installations within dangerous range of our borders; but peace shields the Egyptians from our reprisals, allowing them to set up SAM defenses along the border just as they did in 1972 under the ceasefire that Kissinger shoved down our throat.

The Knesset speaker refused to put to the vote a bill by Arab MK Tibi, which calls Jerusalem the capital of Palestine. The speaker has such power with regard to drafts which clearly undermine the Jewish state. Such power was allocated in the days of Rabbi Kahane: in order to prevent even discussion of Kahane’s commonsense but politically incorrect bills, the speaker was awarded veto power over ‘racist’ bills, and to balance that, also over those that undermine the Jewish state.

But if Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital undermines the Jewish state, why has every Israeli prime minister since Rabin not been charged with high treason for negotiating that exact solution, dividing the city?

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