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The media are now telling a new story about Rabbi Yaakov Deutsch of the town of Afula, whjo has been indicted on charges of rape. The rabbi purportedly sodomized underage girls.

The story is probably another lie, because the girls’ story does not hold up. But there is a more important issue here. When confronted with cases of blood libel against Jews, notably the Beilin affair, Zeev Zhabotinsky insisted that Jews should not beat drums defending the accused in the court of public opinion. His reasoning was that while Beilin might be innocent, some other Jews in other circumstances might be guilty. We are entitled to our fair share of scoundrels.

We can make a similar argument about rabbis. Yes, some of them can be criminals, but that does not reflect on the credibility of rabbis as a group. No one makes fuss when an atheist is charged with rape, and every atheist insists that morality is innate to man rather than rooted in religion. Thus, rape is abhorrent to religious Jews and atheists alike. So yes, a certain rabbi may prove to be a rapist, but that’s just like saying that a certain person is charged with rape; his rabbinical affiliation is irrelevant.

Rabbi Yaakov Deutsch

The Russian aircraft carrier group that recently entered the Syrian port of Tartus will leave tomorrow. Clearly, due to Western pressure, the Russians can offer Assad only rhetorical assistance.

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