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Israeli media are slamming Abbas for appointing a terrorist as his advisor. The terrorist in question led Force 17, Arafat’s guard and assassination squad; he was released in ‘exchange’ for Shalit.

But Israel cooperated closely with Force 17 for years, and Israeli leaders, notably Peres, often convene with Marwan Barghouti in his cell.

After hackers posted a massive amount of Israeli credit card data online, the Bank of Israel promised that account holders won’t pay for the theft.

That’s for sure. The problem is, who will pay? Two answers are probable: foreign merchants who accept the cards in online transactions, or the Israeli government. Both options are highly unethical because they allow the real culprits to avoid responsibility. Those culprits would be the coupon companies that maintained buggy websites to collect credit-card data.

Even though the hackers are not probably Saudis, but more likely Turks, Muslims are not known for their expertise in computer security. Most certainly, they exploited a standard vulnerability. The coupon companies are guilty, then, of gross negligence, and the government must go after them.


Police arrested two haredim who distributed posters comparing Jerusalem police chief Niso Shaham to a Nazi leader. No lesser agency than the International and Serious Crime Unit conducted the investigation.

The poster is unquestionably an example of bad taste—even though Shaham behaves in an ugly manner toward the hardim—but to charge its authors with incitement to violence is entirely baseless. Such frivolous charges are hardly possible in most modern democracies—except in the totalitarian state of Israel.

Poster with Shaham

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