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The UNSC did not hold hearings over the Turkish army’s accidental killing 35 Kurdish villagers in a mistaken airstrike. Assad has had a free hand to kill his citizens for nine months. The Egyptian government has killed many more protestors than Mubarak did during the Arab Spring events.

It is only Israel that has to keep killing individual terrorists in Gaza instead of launching meaningful strikes against their infrastructure.

A deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood told local newspaper Al Hayat that under no circumstances would his government recognize Israel, and that it will seek to cancel the peace agreement.

Though his words were for local consumption, and the United States would never allow Egypt to abandon the Camp David treaties, they certainly set the tone for our future relations with Egypt, all the way down to the eventual denunciation of the peace treaties.

Meanwhile, the US will continue to provide massive economic aid to the wildly anti-Israeli regime in Egypt.

The peace treaty has become counterproductive, and rather than saving it, Israel must prompt the MB to cancel it. That would allow us to immediately start operations in the Sinai against Arab terrorists and African illegals, and to bomb the Egyptian reactors. Otherwise, under the cover of the peace treaty, Egypt will continue building up its armed forces, develop nuclear bombs, and support Hamas.

Bushehr power plantIran has successfully tested its first uranium rod. This will eventually allow the ayatollahs to replace the Russian rods in the Bushehr reactor, which Iran currently has to ship back to Russia after they are depleted.

Iran is already working on extracting plutonium from depleted rods, which would enable it to make a plutonium bomb, a cheaper alternative to uranium weapons.

We have predicted many times that the Iranian nuclear program will switch to extracting plutonium from Bushehr.

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