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Bedouin village in NegevThe State Comptroller issued a report criticizing the government for its failure to provide adequate infrastructure and other services to some 50,000 Negev Bedouins.

It speaks of Jewish madness that the comptroller wants the government to increase its services to residents of mostly illegal villages constructed on huge swathes of state land. A sensible solution would be to evict the squatters, but Jews are too nice for that.

The comptroller was not bothered by the fact that the Bedouins in question pay almost zero taxes. Moreover, they receive vast subsidies because their multiple wives are registered as single mothers.

The incoming president of United Reform Judaism, an umbrella group of assimilated Jews, is a member of J Street. Rick Jacobs participated in the Sheikh Jarrah clashes on the side of the Arabs. He also approved of the Islamic center near Ground Zero in New York.

The ‘rabbi’ got his ordination from a college in New York and studied dancing in Israel.

Rick Jacobs

Arab MK Tibi complained that Arabs comprise only 9.5% of medical workers in Israel, half of their proportion in the population.

Wait, that’s a worrying figure. Though the exact figures remain unknown, the ratio of Arabs joining medical schools is certainly less than half that of Jews. Thus, even in a perfectly egalitarian state we would expect the ratio of Arabs in the health sector to be well below 9%.

But as every student knows, Arabs receive preferential treatment in universities, and many Arab doctors are clearly unqualified. Thus, equal representation of graduates would be a grave hazard to the public health system.

Tibi probably included Arab nurses and non-graduated staff in his 9.5%. Even so, whatever political correctness demands, we should not forget that most Jewish patients would be very uncomfortable with an Arab nurse.

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