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Ramat GiladA small group of settler youths penetrated the army’s Efraim base near Kalkilya in a weak attempt to settle scores. The settlers thus ‘warned’ the army not to proceed with the expected demolition of their homes in Mitzpe Yitzhak and Ramat Gilad hamlets.

The reaction of the Israeli establishment was hysterical, even though the settlers did little more than express themselves: they threw paint at army vehicles, a few small rocks here and there, and scattered a symbolic quantity of nails on the road. A skirmish ensued after hundreds of settlers blocked the army units attempting to demolish the hamlets at night.

When leftists control Israeli courts, and traitors sit in Israel’s government, there is little choice left for good Jews but to resort to mild violence.

More than a dozen settlers were arrested.

This year the White House approved all Israeli requests for military assistance and supplies. Such a level of military cooperation is unprecedented. It is, moreover, being augmented by massive intelligence cooperation.

At the same time, the Obama administration sternly opposed an Israeli strike on Iran. His levers include refusing to share data with Israel from the Negev-based X-band radar and refusing to activate Patriot batteries manned by American teams. Both measures leave Israel vulnerable to an Iranian missile attack, though not completely defenseless. It is our prediction, however, that the Iranians would not counter-attack.

Hamas and Fatah leaders slammed the Israeli government over its decision to close the Mughrabi bridge, which led toward the Muslim-occupied Temple Mount over the heads of Jewish worshipers at the Western Wall below. The Arabs believe that our government is ready to Judaize the Temple Mount, which regrettably is not the case.

The PA, which subsists on Israeli money and bayonets, was especially harsh in its condemnation.

Mughrabi bridge

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