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The Water Authority has instituted its annual ban on garden watering in winter. This is typically totalitarian Israeli regulation: a free country would increase water tariffs for higher consumption and let the people decide.

According to the WA’s logic, plants do not need artificial watering in winter because there is ample rain. This reasoning is odd, because if there is enough rain for garden plants, then there is enough rain for crops, too. So what need is there for the restriction?

In practice, winter rains are not sufficient for garden plants, and so Israelis water their gardens in secret. Except for Israeli Arabs, of course, who do so openly and with stolen water.

Garden in Haifa

The Home Front Command is conducting missile defense drills in Ramat Gan, a suburb of Tel Aviv. We believe that the Israeli response to rocket attacks from Gaza will change when the drills begin in Northern Tel Aviv.

The US and Chinese governments have announced the installation of radiation detection equipment in Shanghai port. The system, so far installed in 34 ports, is meant to intercept black-market radioactive materials. Meanwhile, semi-official nuclear supplies will continue by air: Saudi Arabia keeps two airplanes in Pakistan ready to bring nuclear bombs to Riyadh at any moment.

By 2018, only 50% of the world’s cargo will go through ports equipped with these scanners, which leaves smugglers with ample routes to circumvent the controls. Besides, in many Third World ports they can bribe port officials to bypass the scan. So the system, commendable as it is, will hardly save our civilization.

December 2011
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