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Last month, the IDF intercepted some 2,700 African illegals in the Negev, the highest number ever. But instead of sending them back to Egypt, the government keeps transferring them to detention centers, from which they are promptly released into Israel. Thus we can estimate that about 4,000 illegal Africans will join their brethren in Israel in December.

Israeli media were quick to condemn the Egyptian brutes who killed yet another African trying to cross into Israel.

But what is the alternative? Africans are flocking to Israel at the rate of more than two thousand every month. They already constitute 2 percent of our population. They are a backbone of crime, which kills more people here than the number of Africans killed in Sinai. Their community is ridden with HIV, which they often pass on to Jewish women by rape.

So we would like to thank the Egyptians for doing the job the Israeli government does not let our troops do properly.

Salafists in EgyptThere were many like us who thought Obama wrong for clearing the way to power for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt—and we all underestimated the catastrophe.

The preliminary election results give Salafists one quarter of the vote, and that number will rise as elections continue into the provinces where Islamic radicals enjoy stronger backing.

Salafists, who were jailed and otherwise repressed under Mubarak, are as religious as the ayatollahs and Wahhabites, and akin to Hezbollah politically. Compared to them, the Muslim Brotherhood is indeed a nice bunch of moderates.

The three countries of the Iranian axis conducted concurrent maneuvers to relocate their missile arsenals. Whether the purpose of this move is to remove them from the prying eyes of Western intelligence or to prepare for a strike or counter-strike remains unknown.

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