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Netanyahu has reiterated Israel’s refusal to negotiate with the PA if Hamas joins the government.

That in itself is no big threat to the Palestinians, who rightly see the negotiations as pointless. Besides, Israel won’t be able to withhold tax transfers even from the Hamas government. But the Israeli government has a short memory: we did cooperate with a Palestinian government that included Hamas, before the terrorist group evicted Fatah from Gaza.

Halaib triangleAccording to Sudanese media, IAF carried out a strike against weapons smugglers in the Halaib triangle of Sudan. Which would be no news at all, since such strikes happen routinely, if not for the diplomatic aspect. It happens that Egypt considers Halaib its own territory. Thus, as viewed from Cairo, Israel attacked Egyptian territory, but the Egyptians kept quiet about it.

Thus it is not unthinkable to carry out operations in the Sinai.

The Knesset committee on education will debate today whether to recognize the Armenian genocide in Turkey.

Whether the issue is controversial is irrelevant. We owe nothing to the Armenians. Sure, if we can help them—or any other people—at no significant cost to ourselves, we should do so. But that won’t help the Armenians who died three generations ago, and even a debate in the Knesset about this topic would cost us dearly by enraging the Turks. We have only just managed to reinstate a bit of military cooperation with Turkey, and bugging them about this sensitive topic is completely unnecessary.

Israel got along with Germany by—rhetoric aside—effectively forgetting the Holocaust. We cannot afford to support the Armenians in a similar claim.

The trouble with Maliki is not that he is corrupt or tortures his opponents even more cruelly than Saddam. The problem is that his Shiite government naturally leans toward Iran.

Immediately after the US withdrawal, Maliki started pushing Sunnis out of the coalition government, and threatened the Kurds with invasion.

By ruling Iraq through a proxy government, Iran achieves true regional hegemony as its imperial borders spread to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria (and so Israel). Now Iran can easily stir up hostilities in Jordan through the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Nouri al-Maliki

Israeli leftists broke another taboo by staging an ‘anti-segregation’ demonstration near a haredi school in Beit Shemesh. Obviously, such gatherings harm the children, but they are of no concern to ultra-leftists.

Of course gender segregation and extreme modesty are not required by Torah Judaism, but the haredim live compactly in Beit Shemesh, and if they want to set such rules for themselves and their children, that is entirely up to them, and there is nothing antisocial about that.

With the Iranian threat looming, the Muslim Brotherhood taking over country after country, and our government surrendering the state to Arabs and Africans, the ultra-leftists have nothing more important to do than to bug religious Jews.

Leftist protest gender segregation in Beit Shemesh

Muslim women in IsraelThe Knesset Committee on Absorption will discuss the situation of Jewish women married to Arabs. Technically, the problem is that many of these Arabs prevent their women from leaving their villages. But as everyone understands, the real problem is the tens of thousands of Jewish women who converted to Islam in order to marry their sweethearts. Oddly, the problem is most serious not among Russian women, but among the impoverished Sephardi population. Israeli law ceases to work for them, because as Muslim converts they fall under religious jurisdiction of qadis—Muslim judges—who rarely grant them divorces, and never give them their children.

Rabbi Kahane worked relentlessly to bring those women back home. Now this work is being continued by Yad le-Achim.

A sixty-nine-year-old man is charged with rape after he phoned a twelve-year-old girl, who happened to be retarded, and taught her to masturbate—over the phone.

Now, his actions could be called by any number of names, but to treat them as a crime, especially the heinous crime of rape, takes a ‘Katsav court.’

In a truly crazy decision, the Labour Court recommended that the National Insurance Institute pay workers’ compensation to Palestinian laborers injured in the Kassam strike on Israel.

So the Arab residents of Gaza who were injured in the 2005 rocket attack on Gush Katif would be treated as if they had suffered work-related injuries.

The leftists have staged a new provocation. This time, a soldier girl sat in the male section of a haredi bus.

Of course she knew that the bus was segregated, and she never needed the ride in the first place. Predictably, the haredim objected, bad-mouthed her with all the correct words—and were arrested on the spot.

Segregated bus in Israel

The Supreme Court, usually so pro-Palestinian, issued a rare decision against the Arabs. Hearing a case brought by the ultra-leftist organization called “There is a Limit,” the court decided that Israeli oligarchs can continue developing quarries in the West Bank. The court circumvented the blanket prohibition on plundering occupied lands by referring to the Oslo Accords, which allow continued quarrying.

This argument is odd. Most occupiers install a subservient local government, and such a government would of course sign any agreement with them. The 1907 Hague Convention makes such agreements illegal, assuming correctly that they are made under duress against the interests of local populations.

Of course we do not occupy the land, which is ours. But in the leftist worldview of the Supreme Court, their decision on quarries is mistaken.

After Israeli leaders hosted the president of South Sudan, Hamas leaders had an official meeting with president of the ‘old’ Sudan. While Israeli leaders discussed intercepting weapons, Hamas leaders discussed smuggling them.

The IDF finally confirmed a long-circulated rumor: what was thought a temporary performance glitch is actually a built-in feature. The system fires two missiles to intercept each rocket.

That brings the cost of intercepting a $200 Kassam to $250,000.

Iron Dome

After sentencing Katsav and inventing the idea of rape-by-phone, Israeli totalitarianism went even further. A religious Jew who called a leftist female provocateur on a segregated bus a ‘whore’ has been charged with sexual harassment.

Of course, the last thing he wanted was sex with her.

In a rather funny incident, Jewish groups slammed National Geographic for posting a poll on its web site which asked readers who they think killed the founder of their religion: Pilate, the priests, or the Jews. Naturally, many readers held the Jews responsible.

The attention paid to this incident by Jewish groups is hilarious. Obviously, for someone who believes in the story, Jews must be responsible, simply because the gospel says so. No amount of protests from Jews would prompt Christians to rewrite their sacred texts.

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