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The US Congress has asked the Comptroller-General to investigate the PA’s use of US aid money to build homes for released terrorists. The move comes in response to a letter from Lieberman’s MK.

There is really nothing to investigate, as the PA speaks openly about the financing. Indeed, it would make no difference if Fatah were paying for the homes with its own money while covering the gaps in other expenses with US aid. That trick, by the way, has for three decades allowed Egypt to use American aid to build up its army while nominally using the money for peaceful purposes.

Does the PA promote terrorism by subsidizing these houses? Yes, but not to the extent that Israel promotes the same by releasing terrorists.

So long as Israel finances the Fatah and Hamas governments in the West Bank and Gaza, there is little moral merit in blaming the United States for feeding the monster in our backyard.

Mea ShearimPolice have arrested another member of the Sicarii group. The vigilante participated in disturbances and minor vandalism aimed at combating immodesty in Jerusalem’s ultra-religious neighborhoods.

Haredim have accepted the gross desecration of the entire Land of Israel: from Arab terrorists in East Jerusalem to Jewish homosexuals in its central districts, but they want a small area for themselves where they can live according to their ancient laws. That much they received even under the Ottoman government. Naturally, therefore, the haredim try to push provocative immodesty from their midst.

Even gated communities in the United States are allowed to set their standards of appearance, and some such standards exist in Israel—for example, the prohibition of public nudity. It is not unreasonable, then, for a closed group such as the haredim to have its own standards.

Of course, no Arab goes to jail for simply participating in public disturbances.

France is pressing NATO and the Arab League to intervene militarily to create a humanitarian corridor in Syria.

Technically there is no reason for such corridor, as civilians do not suffer from hunger due to prevention of food distribution by government troops. Nor does the Syrian army significantly restrict the movements of  refugees.

Clearly France, which has a long-standing imperial interest in Syria and Lebanon, wants to reestablish itself there. That would be a welcome alternative to the influence of Russia if not for the Muslim Brotherhood, which will take power in the vacuum folowing Assad’s exit.

Obama was clear that he does not want to intervene militarily in Syria, but France counts on dragging him into the war the way it did in Libya.

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