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Obama slapped Iran with entirely illegal sanctions by declaring that country’s banking system to be ‘a money laundering concern.’ The move effectively puts foreign banks that deal with Iran on FATF’s list.

Of course, Iranian banks are no more engaged in money laundering than those of US-friendly Dubai. Russia decried the sanctions, though it benefits greatly from them as Iranians are forced to conduct their oil transactions in rubles.

But more importantly, Obama loses on both ends. He allows Iran to become a nuclear power because the sanctions are not critical to its economy in the short term, and he ensures in the long term that that this nuclear nation will be extremely hostile to the United States.

During the debates, Newt Gingrich said that he would support an Israeli strike on Iran only in an impossible scenario in which it removed the ayatollahs from power. Ron Paul opposed the attack outright.

Thus we will never have a better window of opportunity to attack Iran than now. Of course we were saying similar things during the last months of the Bush administration.

On the positive side, Romney pledged to make Israel his first foreign trip, and Perry vowed to cut aid to the Palestinians (which he probably won’t be able to do).

Newt Gingrich

The Nurses’ trade union demands the nationalization of school healthcare. Naturally, the union prefers to deal with a government monopoly rather than private contractors who would streamline operations and put pressure on the nurses to work.

The private system is not without its faults, but these can be attributed to monopoly rather than private ownership. The lack of transparency in the selection of contractors, the absence of tough competition, and the lack of parental oversight are the real reasons for its failures. But instead of addressing them, the Health Ministry has agreed to the simpler solution of de-privatization.

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