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The Israeli government has approved an ultra-expensive project to transfer salt from the southern Dead Sea to compensate for rising sea levels. The costs will be borne by the Dead Sea Works company, which mines phosphates there, so we can be sure that the project will be sabotaged.

But more importantly, nothing is being done on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea. After the peace treaty with Israel gave them half the sea, the Arabs engaged in predatory pumping there. And the peace treaty with the Palestinians will give them half of the Israeli part. Thus, despite owning less than a quarter of the Dead Sea, Israel will be saving the entire area for the Arabs.

New libel bill is no win-winThe Knesset passed in the first reading a series of amendments to increase the penalty to $80,000 in libel cases, absent damages.

While the move seems contrary to freedom of expression, it is much warranted in Israel. In Western democracies media competition inflicts its own punishment on lying media. No news outlet can afford to lie excessively because it would lose its audience by being continually exposed by competing news sources. Thus there is little need for judicial punishment.

The situation is different in Israel, whose major media outlets all pursue a similar agenda, except perhaps for a single tabloid. There is no political competition; on the contrary, they inflate one another’s lies. Such a quasi-monopoly calls for government intervention, and the proposed bill provides it.

A new bill which has passed its first Knesset reading exposes behavior by the Supreme Court justices which would be a major scandal in Western democracies.

The bill stipulates that the Bar Association’s two members of the Judicial Selection Committee should come one from the governing party, and another from the opposition. The bill was necessary because Supreme Court justices routinely pressed the Bar Association to appoint only members of the leftist persuasion, thus engaging in blatant politicking.

Livni’s opposition to this commonsense bill shows her to be a part of the ultra-left power conglomerate.

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