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PIJ has found a weak spot in the Iron Dome. Last week, the defense system missed most of the missiles that were fired from Gaza because they were launched almost concurrently. Guerrillas used truck-mounted Grad launchers, reportedly from Libya.

It would be nice for the IDF to clarify how many rockets the Iron Dome can deal with simultaneously—in reality, not in theory.

Dubai’s police department made headlines after lashing out against the Mossad assassins who dispatched Mabhouh.

The story was completely different this time. Hardly any information was leaked on the murder of Ahmad Rezaei, an important critic of the Iranian regime. He was killed, undoubtedly by Iranian agents, in a hotel in Dubai.

Clearly, Dubai’s police chief is willing to build his reputation at the expense of nice Jews who are not going to retaliate for his disclosure, but not willing to confront Iran’s deeded Al Qods Brigades.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh

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Disagreeing with the conventional wisdom, we held that Tehran wouldn’t abandon Assad’s regime even when it began to fall to the insurgency.

Our view has been vindicated by the upcoming joint Iranian-Syrian exercises, parts of which will take place in Syria.

Assad and Ahmadinejad

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