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Throughout the entire international discussion about whether to impose damaging sanctions, Iran kept about 30 million barrels in oil carriers floating in the Red Sea. Locating them in the most problematic area under the eyes of Israel only makes sense if Iran intends to continue selling oil to European customers.

Israel, so swift to intercept meaningless ‘peace flotillas,’ did not sabotage the Iranian VLCC’s, which would be the easiest way to introduce an embargo on its oil trade.

Meanwhile, Iranian oil exports to China grew by a third this year.

Iran's tanker

Yet another massive demonstration took place in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. This time, some 50,000 Muslims pushed the government to speed up the transfer of power to elected bodies—that is, to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Unlike during the anti-Mubarak riots, international news coverage was minimal, and the White House did not intervene.

Libya’s envoy to the UN lashed out at Qatar for providing military and financial assistance to Libyan Islamists.

Just a month earlier, Qatar was an important part of the NATO coalition that invaded Tripoli. Now the shrewd Qatari ruler understands that the Western-propped interim government in Libya is doomed and that power will fall to the Al Qaeda affiliates that rule Tripoli and have a strong presence in the Sahara. Unlike Western moralists, Qatar’s al Thani prefers to bet on the winner.

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