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Israeli media are paying much attention to the French Foreign Ministry’s summoning of an Israeli diplomat over the injuries sustained by the French consul in Gaza during our attack on Hamas last night.

That is a standard diplomatic procedure that does not reflect the French attitude toward the conflict or the value they place on Israeli or Arab casualties. France generally ignores Gazan deaths, but has to express formal concern when its quasi-diplomatic employees are injured.

After five years of restricting cement imports into Gaza, and two years of a near-complete ban, Israel is now allowing imports of building materials into the hostile territory, even though they can reasonably be expected to be used for bunkers rather than factories. The restrictions were lifted despite continued rocket fire from Gaza.

On the other hand, Hamas apparently had no shortage of cement for its bunkers, as evidenced by the hundreds of miles of tunnels it built into the Strip to prepare for the next war with us.

Crisis in GreeceThe reshuffling of the Greek government, forced by the EU, has brought strongly anti-Semitic politicians to the helm. Though they might be expected to temper their anti-Semitic views under pressure from the EU, on which the Greeks depend for the survival of their financial system, Israeli military cooperation with Greece is in jeopardy.

Israeli politicians who expected Greece to replace Turkey as our training ground have been proved wrong.

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