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Doctors illegally shut down Rambam Hospital in Haifa after the Health Ministry accepted their resignation letters.

It is clear that they have no intention to resign; their purpose is to demand more perks at public expense. And in order to achieve their goals, the doctors embrace extortion, closing down a public facility.

Rambam hospital

The USAF announced delivery of the first 15-ton Massive Ordnance Penetrator bomb. The current contract, however, is just for eight such bombs, and even these will be delivered over several months.

Reports of 200-foot underground penetration refer probably to the bomb’s ability to penetrate soil or basic bunkers. Penetrating such a depth of rock is impossible. In any case, the explosive weight of just over 5,000 lbs can severely damage the mountain hideouts where Iran stows its centrifuges, but it cannot demolish them.

Israeli childrenLuckily, it was evening and the kindergarten was empty. Recall the international outcry when during the Cast Lead Israel shelled a school that was being used as a fortress by Hamas.

The Israeli response was typically meaninglessóbombing a tunnel that was “intended for kidnapping.” Hey, if you guys knew about such a tunnel, why did you not destroy it before?

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