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Israeli soldiers at a military checkpoint in Hebron Hills opened fire on a car that refused their orders to stop. Three Jews in the car were going to pray in the Cave of the Patriarchs.

The soldiers’ actions are odd. It is not customary to open live fire on speeding cars, even at checkpoints. And they could have shot at the tires.

Had they killed an Arab, the soldiers would be in jail. Now it’s just an investigation.

Jewish Defense LeagueIsrael has agreed to extradite a Jew for prosecution in the United States. Yitzhak Shochet is accused of hate crimes for defending religious Jews against black hooligans in New York City’s Crown Heights.

Yitzhak was a member of Shmira, a JDL-like neighborhood protection group. He allegedly kicked a black who entered the Jewish area with the obvious goal of harassment, which has recently become the bane of the hassidic population there.

Yitzhak’s actions had nothing to do with hate crime: he was not going around town looking for a black man to hit. Properly or not, he merely tried to defend his community. Extraditing a Jew whose crime is defending other Jews is scandalous, albeit typical of this treacherous government. The extradition is especially immoral because Yitzhak won’t get fair trial in the US; he is already accused wrongly. And it would be a miracle if he survives American jail, which is full of blacks who will try to avenge their kin—which would not be a hate crime.

In response to the shocking infiltration of 620 Africans into Israel over weekend, the government called up reservists to seal the southern border.

Another lie from Netanyahu. Mobilization cannot be sustained for that long. At any rate, IDF has more than enough conscripts to maintain order in the Negev. But the main issue is that they are powerless, not being allowed to shoot the infiltrators.

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