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The long-awaited IAEA report details some old, but curious elements of the Iranian nuclear program. Years ago, Iran was already working on a neutron initiator that can only be used in nuclear explosions. Iran’s warhead prototype tests, which date back eleven years, must surely have yielded positive results since then.

Yet a Bush era NIE claims that Iran abandoned its military nuclear program. As we can see now, that intelligence estimate is technically correct: Iran had mostly completed its work on weaponization by 2007, and turned to quasi-peaceful uranium enrichment instead. The NIE achieved its effect by a slight substitution: ‘abandoned’ instead of ‘completed.’

And knowing full well the dimensions of the Iranian military program, the White House played it down for a decade. Today we doubt that they would slap Iran with a ban on its oil and gas exports.

African migrants in IsraelThe immigration Authority reported that 620 (!) African illegals entered Israel this weekend. That happened despite earlier announcements that the army and police in the area would be beefed up to prevent infiltration.

For that many people to pass, the border must be wide open. It would be too easy to argue that the hordes of illegals include black Muslims and other potential terrorists. But even if there are no actual terrorists among them, these illegals terrorize the populations of Eilat, South Tel Aviv, and other areas where the government dumps them.

Instead of firmly preventing infiltration, the government builds detention centers for them. Which is stupid: surely they won’t be detained forever, and in any case they will prefer all-expenses-paid detention in Israel to life in their villages in Africa.

By now, the most conservative estimates put the number of African illegals in Israel (besides the Falash Mura, who are pagan Christians-turned-Jews) at 80,000. They have no skills for productive work, their communities are ridden with HIV, and they are a major criminal element in the country. Yet the government refuses to take the sensible step of deporting them to UNRWA camps in Gaza and Lebanon.

A word of common sense has come from an unlikely source, a Meretz member. MK Horowitz demanded that public health insurers be allowed to underwrite polices for foreign workers. Currently this lucrative business is only allowed to small private insurers, who make windfall profits because laborers are generally young and healthy, do not suffer from expensive chronic diseases, and do not frequent hospitals in search of treatment for negligible health issues.

Nitzan Horowitz

November 2011
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