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The Israeli government has agreed to delay the incursion into Gaza for 24 hours to give Egyptian mediation another chance. The incursion comes in response to rocket attacks which come in response to the assassination of PIJ’s leader.

Yitzhak ShapiraThe government closed a school in the village of Yitzhar—a religious school, of course. The school’s crime is its association with Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, who authored Torat HaMelekh, a halachic book on Jewish methods of warfare. Also, police believe that some students committed acts of hooliganism in Arab villages.

Neither Rabbi Shapira nor any of his students have been convicted of any relevant crimes. By the government’s standard of suspicion, we might as well close every Arab school and most schools in poor neighborhoods.

The PA is furious at the Israeli government’s decision to approve a small number of housing units in the village of Efrat and a town of Maaleh Adumim. Curiously, the PA feels free to condemn our government even though Abbas fully depends on us for financing and protection.

Thus the PA shows its intent to push Israel back into the 1948 borders. No Israeli government, though, can afford to lose Maaleh Adumim and evict tens of thousands of Jews. But the government showed its willingness to sacrifice settlements: construction was approved in Efrat, but not Tekoa and Nokdim.

The cabinet also suspended tax transfers to the PA—a good measure that won’t last.


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