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Armenian priestJerusalem court quashed the indictment of an Armenian priest who punched a yeshiva student for spitting in his direction.

The student’s action was not nice, though it was in accordance with real Jewish values. The priest’s response was sensible, though plainly illegal.

The ruling opens a wider question, however. The charges were dismissed on the grounds of fairness because priests routinely suffer similar insults. This is true, but in many areas of Israel Jews likewise suffer abuse from Arabs. Can we start punching them?

Russian sales of advanced Avtobaza radar jammers to Iran made a few headlines in Israeli media. But even if the contract materializes into an actual delivery, it won’t complicate a strike on Iran.

Jammers are easy targets for missiles. They also cannot be installed at Qom and Natanz because that would disable the radars of the TOR-1M SAM batteries.


The government approved the Trajtenberg Committee’s recommendations, which basically amount to raising taxes for the upper middle class and raising the capital gains tax. Just as the world’s recession is about to hit Israel, the government thus curtails investment resources and encourages entrepreneurs to hide their income overseas.

To sweeten the pill, the government reduced social security payments, which implies lower allocations for healthcare at a time when doctors are striking over salaries.

It remains uncertain whether promises of reduced customs duties will be kept.

Overall, the plan is to increase government spending rather than cutting taxes.

A better plan would call for massive deregulation of every aspect of the economy but the capital markets.

The Home Front minister has announced his plan to  fully prepare Israel for an earthquake similar to the one that happened in Turkey.

How silly. Large earthquakes are common in Turkey, but not in Israel. Maintaining high preparedness would cost us dearly just as the country is on the brink of recession. It is not necessary in any case because we can count on US aid in a major catastrophe.

France voted to accept the Palestinian state as a full member of UNESCO. This prejudices the French vote in the UNSC on Palestine’s declaration of independence. Though Germany voted against Palestine’s UNESCO bid, the EU states are likelier to follow the French lead, since everyone understands that Germany has an exceptional relationship with Israel.

EU accepts Palestinian statehood

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