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CIAThe CIA now claims that Iran is four years away from building a nuclear weapon because it cannot form the outer shell. Huh? We already know that Iran has tested a prototype, so that problem is more or less solved. It also has easy access to weapons technology from North Korea, Pakistan, and perhaps Libya.

The supposed problems with Iran’s centrifuges exist in the more advanced types, while Tehran continues enriching on IR-1’s.

We have rejected the widespread analysis that Assad may start a war with Israel in order to distract the world’s attention from the civil war in Syria. He is too weak for that.

Media reported that Assad threatened to ignite the Middle East and launch hundreds of rockets at Israel if NATO attacks Syria. Now the Russian FM has angrily pointed out that Assad never said any such thing. The quotation attributed to Assad actually belongs to Iran’s Fars news agency.

Several tombstones at the Muslim cemetery in Yaffo were sprayed with ‘Death to Arabs’ and similar graffiti. Apparently, they had been vandalized quite some time ago, but subtly enough that no one noticed. Whether it was right-wing Jews or left-wing Jew-haters staging a provocation, no tombstones were smashed or uprooted—as Arabs usually do at Jewish cemeteries.

Hours after the graffiti was discovered, Arabs firebombed Rabbi Meir’s synagogue in Yaffo. Unlike cases in which Jews have allegedly vandalized mosques, the media reaction was muted, suggesting that the firebombing was a proper response to the graffiti.

October 2011
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