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Netanyahu said at a Cabinet meeting that there is no ceasefire in Gaza. Huh? The absence of a ceasefire means there is a war. The term ceasefire does not apply to hostile territories, which is how the Israeli government designates Gaza officially.

Meanwhile, Israel has re-opened land crossings with Gaza despite a Jew being killed by a Grad rocket.

Ehud Barak once warned Hamas not to test Israeli resolve. Nothing to test, really.

Anat KamThe court slapped Anat Kam with a meaningful 4½-year sentence for stealing classified military documents and passing them to a reporter.

But the court then gave her 18 months probation—meaning that if she promises not to steal any other documents she is free.

We can only imagine how harsh the sentence would be if a right-winger had stolen classified documents and passed them to a conservative web site.

While nominally subscribing to the US pressure on Assad, Turkey has agreed to conduct trade with Syria in Turkish currency. That allows Assad to evade the American and Eurozone sanctions.

The US decision to cease financing of UNESCO after it admitted Palestine as a member state was not an act of friendship toward Israel.

The White House’s move was predicated on a 1990s law which prohibits the government from funding any UN body that admits Palestine as a member state before it arrives at a negotiated settlement with Israel.

UNESCO affair was no favor from Obama

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