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The eight deaths reported in the Negev terrorist attacks are statistically unexceptional, especially if we only count civilians, as the government does when considering proportional retaliation. Yet the government’s reaction—the immediate assassination of terrorist leaders—was unprecedented. This is not a particularly aggressive government, and it has a history of inaction against terrorist and rocket attacks.

The official death toll from terrorist attacks is rumored to be significantly underreported.

The IDF units on the Sinai border have maintained the highest level of preparedness for a week now, expecting a terrorist attack from Egypt. The attack is thought to be carried out by PIJ in retaliation for Israel assassinating their leader, in retaliation for the rocket attacks, which were a retaliation for Israel’s assassination of PRC leaders, which itself was a retaliation for the PRC’s terrorist attack in Sinai.

Hamas wouldn’t let PIJ carry out more terrorist attacks right now unless Hamas had received Israeli assurances in the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire that government installations in Gaza would not be bombed. Nor would the PIJ carry out more attacks if it believed that Israel would escalate the conflict.

Caught between the White House and the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian military government took the middle path. It reported great progress in fighting the Palestinians in Sinai in order to satisfy the US, but in fact conducted no significant operations there—thereby placating the Brotherhood.

Now that the Egyptians have openly breached the Camp David Sinai demilitarization clauses, Israel has to act likewise and return to the pre-1967 strategy of deep strikes inside Sinai against Palestinian terrorists.