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NATO airplaneFour days ago, when everyone was wondering where Gadhafi’s forces were, we alone suggested that the NATO had bribed their commanders like they bribed Saddam’s generals. Now this is confirmed.

The strange part is why Gadhafi did not interfere, though he could not have missed a conspicuous bribery operation. His vast fortune certainly would have allowed him to match the American cash offers to the traitors.

Another oddity is the completeness of the treason: Gadhafi’s entire army, six divisions in Tripoli alone, disappeared without a trace except for a few minor tank forces under his son’s command. Could it be that all his commanders and all troops accepted the bribe?

What happens next depends on the rebels. If they immediately reestablish a viable army, they can crush Islamists’ claims to power. If they disband Gadhafi’s troops, they will create a stream of volunteers for him.

The Libyan scenario can be replicated in Syria, unless Assad has the good sense to take his generals’ families hostage.

For the first time ever, a terrorist group has launched SCUD missiles. Iraqi Hezbollah thus attacked Kuwait over its construction of a US Navy base there.

Scud launcher

The Knesset speaker issued a rebuttal against the Defense Minister who single-handedly allowed Egypt to scrap the Camp David treaty and bring troops to Sinai. Barak, of course, encroached on the Knesset’s legislative powers.

The government traditionally ignores the Knesset when conducting foreign and defense policy.