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Since Mubarak’s fall, the Egyptian government has been under great pressure to abrogate its peace treaty with Israel. The issue became hot during the recent elections.

Several Egyptians were killed during the terrorist attack on Israel—so far, it remains unknown whether by terrorists or Israelis. The Egyptian government used the pretext to recall its ambassador from Israel and bring troops into the Sinai. Both of these acts are egregious violations of the Camp David accords.

The White House refused to press the Egyptian junta to comply with the treaty, which is legally guaranteed by America. Nor did the Obama administration threaten to withhold US aid to Egypt. Instead, both Egypt and the White House demanded an apology from Israel. That would not be a problem, but unlike somewhat pro-Western Turkey, Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood has firmly decided to follow an anti-Israeli course, so an apology would solve nothing. After the current crisis is resolved, Egypt will proceed to abandon the treaty de facto with more violations. Also unlike Turkey, Egypt deserves no apology because it blatantly violated the peace treaty by allowing a terrorist rampage in Sinai.

For many years, we were among the few voices saying that the Camp David treaty is temporary, that it shields Egyptian army modernization from preemptive Israeli attack, and will eventually allow Egypt to develop nuclear weapons. It is only a matter of time before Israel accepts Egyptian remilitarization of Sinai.

More than a hundred rockets were fired at Israeli cities from Gaza over the weekend, destroying synagogues, schools, and vehicles. Dead and seriously wounded Jews proved insufficiently important for the Israeli government to launch a military operation against Gaza, or even to disconnect its water and power supplies.

The government periodically changes its position on whether it is Hamas or smaller factions only which attack Israel.

Grad missiles fired by Muslims slammed into a synagogue full of worshippers in Ashdod, and into an empty school.

The world screamed when Baruch Goldstein allegedly shot Muslim worshippers in Hebron, and when IAF bombed Gazan schools that were being used by Hamas. But when Arabs kill Jews at prayer, who cares?

Wounded Jews in Ashdod

A looney who claims to be Israel’s president expressed hope that Sinai will return to being ‘a peninsula of peace.’

Even during the blissful Mubarak years, terrorism against Israeli targets never ceased in Sinai. The peninsula served as a hideout for Bedouins and other terrorists. It was also the major arms smuggling route to Gaza, a near-anarchic territory out of reach of the Egyptian army.

By now, the situation has deteriorated beyond repair. Rather than ‘a peninsula of peace,’ Sinai will became a base for Egyptian SAM batteries, which one day will halt IAF operations by intercepting planes immediately after take-off, when they are most vulnerable. And the Sinai mountains will become our version of Al Anbar, a home for terrorists.