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For a decade, Muslims have made a cause célèbre of Al Dura, a 12-year-old Arab purportedly killed by Israeli cross-fire. But the child appears not to have been killed after all.

Another Arab of a similar age caught no headlines, though he was likewise killed in a crossfire. This boy got in the way of Muslim terrorists battling Egyptian police in the Sinai town of El Arish.

Rabbi Kahane used to say that you cannot buy an Arab’s national pride with an indoor toilet, meaning that improving their living conditions won’t make them loyal to the Jewish state.

His words proved literally true in the Ofra case. The state built a $2 million sewage treatment plant for the Jewish village of Ofra. The court sided with ultra-leftists in recognizing some flimsy papers produced by neighboring Arabs as proof of their ownership of the land. Never mind that they never exercised that private ownership.

The state attempted to resolve the issue by offering to connect the Arab village to a sewage treatment plant, as well. As Rabbi Kahane predicted, the Arabs refused.


Turkish army Chief of Staff Isik KosanerObama’s plans to bring Turkey back as Israel’s major regional partner suffered a major blow on Friday with the mass resignation of many Turkish army commanders. As of now, the entire secular top brass has left the army.

On Monday, the Turkish Supreme Military Council will decide on new appointments, completing the Islamization of the army, which was once the pillar of Turkish secularism.

Meanwhile, Turkish authorities continued to arrest military commanders accused of planning to overthrow Erdogan’s Islamist government. For decades, that was the way of life in Turkey, the only way to keep the Muslim country secular. Since the 1990s, the EU has pressed the Turkish military to abstain from putsches—which policy eventually led Turkey away from the West and into Iran’s orbit. Given Turkey’s high approval ratings in Arab countries, there is no chance that Erdogan will reorient his policies toward the West.

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