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A few days ago, the West seemed to have reached a compromise with Gadhafi to form a coalition government in Libya.

In a last-minute effort to improve his bargaining position, which was already excellent, Gadhafi launched an offensive against the rebels, who then went on a political counteroffensive: They denounced an earlier agreement which would have allowed Gadhafi to remain in Libya after abandoning power. Britain played along by recognizing the rebels as the Libyan government, expelling Gadhafi’s ambassador, and passing Libyan bank assets to the rebels. The last move amounts to state robbery because there is no clear indication that the Libyan people have chosen the rebel government or that it really rules the country.

It remains to be seen whether these measures will give the rebels any bargaining chips.

The White House is pressing the Jordanian king for democratic reforms. If implemented, these reforms would ensure a Palestinian majority in the Jordanian parliament. The Muslim Brotherhood will enter the government as the major force. Palestinians in the parliament will change the makeup of the Jordanian army, which hitherto has relied on Bedouins to guard the monarchy against the Palestinian majority. Jordan will end up embroiled in a civil war pitting the Palestinian Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood against the Bedouins.

The democratization of Jordan would leave the Palestinians with two states in the West Bank and Jordan, and possibly a third one in Gaza. The Muslim Brotherhood will dominate Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and possibly Palestine.

The Knesset has rejected a civil marriage bill which would allow Jews to marry outside the rabbinate. The situation is really abnormal: Israel remains the only civilized country with no civil marriage option for some of her citizens. Moreover, atheist Jews are discriminated against since they have to undergo religious coercion during marriage.

On the other hand, Jews cannot be atheists, and marriage is perhaps the only time in most of their lives when they touch ground with religion.

The Knesset hypocrites do not care about Judaism or Jewish values, but only opposed the bill because of their coalition agreement with religious parties. In truth, Israel has to decide whether we are a Jewish or a liberal state.

Schizophrenia in the Knesset

July 2011
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