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Arab MK Tibi asked the court to ban the Knesset from voting on the bill which would make boycott of settlers illegal.

Perhaps he is right; in a democratic state, as opposed to a Jewish state, citizens should be able to exercise their political preferences with their pocketbooks. But by similar logic, Jews should be allowed to boycott the Arabs who build on squatted land or otherwise illegally—that is, most Arabs.

CentrifugesIran has replaced all of its 5,000 centrifuges in Natanz. It remains to be seen whether the Stuxnet trojan will resurface in Bushehr, where the equipment cannot be replaced so easily. Also, the slightest error in replacing the Natanz centrifuges would allow Stuxnet to infect the new centrifuges as well.

No one outside Iran really knows what’s going on there. Some scenarios are:

1. Iran replaced the Natanz centrifuges to install the old ones in a new location closed to IAEA inspections. But why not install the new centrifuges in the new location instead of replacing the old ones?
2. Iran replaced the centrifuges to eliminate Stuxnet. But why not simply replace the electronics in the infected Siemens PLCs?
3. Mossad chief Meir Dagan was misleading the government when he estimated that it would take Iran until 2015 to complete its nuclear program. Given Dagan’s public statements, that’s not impossible. By now, Iran is so close to building the bomb that it can safely add new centrifuges.
4. Dagan was actually correct, and Iran cannot overcome the difficulties posed by Stuxnet, although the nature of such difficulties is perplexing to us.

Leftist and Kadima MKs opposed the housing reform bills as they passed through Knesset committees, pushed by Likud. The reforms won’t make a fundamental difference, but they could still simplify the over-bureaucratized Israeli construction process.

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