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Al KaramaNetanyahu and Barak made a great fuss about the non-violent interception of Al Karama, another Gaza-bound boat.

IDF’s Chief of Staff personally controlled by the operation from IDF’s underground HQ. The Navy chief personally commanded the interceptor boats. Training went on for almost a year.

And for what? A meager yacht carrying 17 decidedly non-violent people, and certainly no weapons. Once a mighty fighting machine IDF has degenerated into a police force that sends fighter jets against tunnels and commandos against yachting activists.

Strategic Affairs minister Yaalon has announced the government’s refusal to meet Turkey’s demands regarding the Mavi Marmara incident: an apology, minor compensation, and a symbolic loosening of the Gaza blockade.

A formal apology would have been a small price to pay for setting Israeli relations with Turkey back on track.

Now that the Arab League has approved Palestine’s bid for UNGA recognition of its statehood, the US appears to be in the uncomfortable position of having to veto the bid in the UNSC. Unlike Bush, who automatically vetoed any anti-Israeli resolutions, Obama is visibly averse to such vetoes. When he had to veto the ’settlements are illegal’ resolution, his ambassador to the UN spoke astonishingly to the contrary, saying that the settlements are in fact illegal.

The parties will likely settle on full membership for Palestine in the UNGA without calling it statehood. Though the UNGA was meant for states only, the PLO crept in as a member of various UN bodies, which created a precedent for introducing a non-state entity into the UNGA.

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