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Iran has awarded China a number of infrastructure projects worth $4 billion. Now China is even less likely to join the international sanctions against Iran.

Since the Arab Spring rebellions have driven the price of oil through the roof, Iran has fully recovered from the effects of the previous sanctions.

Meanwhile, the Russians have advanced a diplomatic plan to even further ease the sanctions on Iran as a reward for the ayatollahs’ answering some questions for the IAEA.

To punish Pakistan for ousting some of the huge numbers of American military personnel based there, the White House is withholding $800 million in military aid to Pakistan—one-third of the total.

This decision is stupid: Saudi Arabia has already promised Pakistan that it will cover any losses caused by cuts in US aid. China also extends credit to Pakistan for military purchases. Oddly, the Americans recognized that their move would worsen relations with Pakistan and arranged to increase NATO shipments to Afghanistan through Russia. But no amount of cooperation with Russia can substitute for Pakistan allowing the CIA to operate freely in its northwest, a Taliban base region.

The Tel Aviv Court found itself in a politically difficult position: it had to sentence three Arab youngsters to life imprisonment for the unusually brutal murder of an elderly Jew. Such sentences are not good for peaceful coexistence with Arabs.

The court apparently decided on a two-stage approach. The district court dismissed the murder charges and found the Arabs guilty merely of manslaughter, as though beating an elderly man for a prolonged time period can somehow be un-premeditated. To mollify public opinion, the Arabs were sentenced to a whopping 26 years in jail. The Supreme Court, however, will reduce that sentence, which is unreasonable for manslaughter, and with good behavior the Arabs will be out of jail in six to eight years.

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