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Netanyahu killed Lieberman’s bill which would have called for the Knesset to investigate the funding sources of ultra-left NGOs. The PM wants no quarrels with the left, and so he has opted for a quarrel with the right.

Libyan rebelsThe White House has formally recognized the Libyan rebels, a ragtag gang connected to Iran and Al Qaeda, as Libya’s legitimate representatives. That confirms that Obama is heading for a showdown with Gadhafi. One more stable and relatively friendly country will be democratized and brought under Islamic control, if not plunged into civil war.

Any resolution to the Libyan crisis will betray the NATO and reward Germany and Russia for agreeing to take a stand against Gadhafi. And we still doubt that Gadhafi’s family will abandon power.

Meanwhile, Obama’s hand can be seen in the resurgence of mass protests in Turkey and Damascus. A democratic government in Syria would be heavily influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood. And getting Russia to agree to Assad’s ouster almost certainly required offering the Russians the economic perks Erdogan had hoped to win for himself. Obama thus seems to have abandoned his newly acquired good friend, Turkey.

The US policy seem idiotic only until we recognize that Obama’s friends and advisers are of Samantha Powers’ ilk. Obama’s alliances with Russia (which is itself torn by internal quarrels) and Germany (whose conservatism runs at odds with Obama’s activism), are likely to be short-lived.

Some 4,500 ultra-leftists marched in the Jewish capital in support of the creation of a Palestinian state. They were bused from across the country at significant cost—a slap in the face of the government which prevented an investigation into their funding.

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