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No, it is not Tel Aviv Jews who express happiness over the imminent return of the Darfur ‘refugees’ to their desert. Thousands of African illegals in Tel Aviv celebrated the independence of their country… but they have no intention of returning there.

The Israeli government has chosen to ignore the fact that their refugee status—which was never granted in the first place—is now moot, meaning that they must be deported immediately. Israeli media underreported the number of celebrants, claiming there were only ‘hundreds.’

Tel Aviv celebrates Sudanese independence

Lebanon has hired a company to perform a geological survey of the disputed shelf zone, obviously to sell concessions for gas drilling in the Leviathan field. Large international companies would flock to the Lebanese government for concessions because Israel has already sold her share to private companies. Lebanese claims will thus be backed by major corporate interests.

Lebanese claims are not without merit: the economic maritime area is not demarcated between our countries, and the bilateral demarcation agreements with Cyprus are irrelevant. Lebanese claims in the UN will automatically be backed by the Muslim majority.

Gas drilling platforms in the sea will be easy targets for Hezbollah attacks.

The Knesset is preparing to vote on a bill which would allow Israelis to bring civil suits against individuals who call for academic, economic, and other types of boycotts against Israel. The bill will also bar the government from dealing with companies that comply with such boycotts.

Meretz and other leftists seek to torpedo the bill. They view boycotts against their own country as a major weapon against the Israeli ‘occupation’ of Palestine.

July 2011
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