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Three weeks ago, Turkey began amassing troops on the Syrian border in an apparent preparation to establish buffer zones for refugees and opposition leaders. The move was odd, since the US air defenses are clearly insufficient to protect Turkey against a barrage of Syrian missiles.

Now that Assad has relaxed his crackdown and begun Western-mediated talks with the opposition, it has become clear that Obama and Erdogan were bluffing when they threatened Assad with invasion. They only wanted concessions from that lynchpin of Obama’s negotiations with the ayatollahs.

Now the question is, what will Assad do once he realizes that there will be no invasion?

Palestinian officialsThe touted Palestinian economic miracle has proved to be a mere bubble, created by massive donor funding. Now that the world crisis has reduced the donations, the Palestinian economy is in free-fall.

Fayyad cut the salaries of Palestinian civil servants in half, which proves that the vast majority of his government employees are actually terrorists who were given sinecures so that they would abstain from militant activities and racketeering.

The Israeli government can use Palestine’s troubles to strengthen our grip on the enemy and extort maximum concessions from it, but Jews will instead continue to subsidize the Muslim enemy through tax transfers. This will create the worst possible situation: plenty of jobless Arabs who will spend their free time listening to radical propaganda and engaging in terrorism.

And our ally, the US, will continue subsidizing the PA even if it turns to the UNGA for unilateral recognition of statehood.

July 2011
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