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NATO rejects freedom for LibyaBritain, France, and the US ignored Gadhafi’s offer of internationally supervised free elections in Libya. That confirms that the West is not interested in freedom or democracy for Libya, but in its oil wealth.

Gadhafi cannot survive a large NATO assault on Tripoli. Despite broad support, his government is a one-man operation, and unlike the Taliban in Afghanistan, cannot regroup and keep fighting for years. His assets held in the West are vulnerable to seizure. But NATO forces are exhausted, too, and unable to land significant contingents in Tripoli for a prolonged time. Installing a rebel government would cause a protracted civil war, which would break Libya into at least three parts. Realistically, no future ruler of Libya would be more liberal than Gadhafi because Libya is a Bedouin domain with few traces of civilization. More likely, the NATO-supported government will be unstable and maintain links with Al Qaeda in the Maghreb.

This time Russia won’t prevent NATO from attacking Libya, because the Russians were almost certainly promised a chunk of the Libyan oil concessions.

Gadhafi’s only chance to stem the NATO aggression would be to bring the terrorist war into Western cities very soon. And for that he seem to have lost the guts.

‘Teens arrested in Silwan protests” was a typical media line used to describe clashes between Israeli police and rioting Arabs. A somewhat more honest description of the facts would be, “Arabs of the most radical age arrested after attempting to murder Jews with rocks and firebombs. They will be charged with misdemeanor and released soon. The leaders of the pogrom mob will not be punished, which is their cue to repeat their crimes. No charges of attempted murder and racial incitement will be filed.”

Greek authorities intercepted two flotilla boats about to sail to Gaza.

Legally, their actions are similar to Israel’s interception of those boats, and perhaps are worse because the Greeks violated their own domestic laws by prohibiting the boats from leaving, whereas the Israeli ‘pirates’ may have violated vague international maritime law at most.

There was no media outcry against the Greek piracy.

Flotilla members

Police detained Rabbi Yaakov Yosef for questioning over his endorsement of the Torat HaMelekh book. The questioning lasted only a few minutes because the police really had no facts to ascertain, the purpose of the interrogation being merely to harass the rabbi.

Israeli law specifically excludes religious texts from the definition of incitement, so the prosecution is moot on the face of it.

Rabbi Yaakov Yosef

July 2011
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